Campus Solutions












Campus Solutions


> Students can make purchases with their Student ID card

> Acts as a credit or debit card

> Use at any Point of Sale terminal on campus

> Cards can be reloaded any time

> Quick-swipe terminals

> Integrated wallet technology

> Campus Commerce, web-based system

> Statistics and record keeping funcitons


















Campus Solutions uses the Closed Loop Transaction System to provide a direct network to authorize and settle Student ID Card purchases. By utilizing the Closed Loop System, colleges can benefit from addional revenue and reduced expenses by avoiding MasterCard processing and transaction fees.


We strive to make transactions easy and painless for students while on campus. Our goal is to integrate an all-in-one solution for making purchases as convenient as possible, while making it simple for schools to implement. The student's ID card acts just like a debit card.


Utilize our closed loop terminals to authorize and settle Student ID purchases throughout your campus on defined wallet values. Terminal types include: Point of Sale terminals, laundry controllers, vending machines, photocopy/print controllers, and a cash loading device.