> Use Premier Pay to pay bills online and by phone
> There is no credit check so anyone can apply
> No need for a checking account to enjoy all that we have to offer
> Accepted at millions of locations worldwide, wherever debit MasterCard is accepted
> Get cash at any ATM machine anywhere in the world
> Our cards can also help establish or repair credit

Premier Pay offers many services to add convenience to anyone’s life. People can use Premier Pay to pay bills or make purchases online and by phone. They can use it at any ATM machine in the world and make purchases at millions of locations that accept Mastercard.

Our paycards can be used similar to any debit card. We offer the option of direct deposit to make things easier for our customers. We do not check your credit which makes it convenient for anyone to apply. You can begin to use our card immediately to help build or repair your credit. Best of all, there is no need for a checking account, so anyone can apply.